Adopting quality, trust and respect as the main principles, Livyapı acts in the main principle of respect for human and nature. Livyapı, the leader in the sector with its construction projects maintained without compromising its principles under any circumstances, will act by always maintaining its prestige, not bear this sense of responsibility on it. In the light of the main corporate principles, adding permanent and aesthetic surplus values to the society in every project it carries out with its modern and innovative mentality, being a real estate company which directs the sector and the future is the t most important vision of Livyapı.


As Livyapı, we determined set many ideals for ourselves. And while achieving these ideals, our main mission is to present different and innovative projects to real estate field under the guarantee of Livyapı by reflecting the power and experience coming from our past to future-shaping projects. In the process of the selection and implementation of projects, maximizing your living standards with our expertise in real estate field is a primary goal for us. Livyapı, adding an identity to the city while making it valuable, turns your living space into works of art through its characteristic architecture, distinctive life style

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