A brand new living space under the domination of green fields and gardens, not the buildings, in Avcılar Park… With its fruit trees, colorful flowers, decorative pools and waterfalls, Avcılar Park puts the nature in the center of your life, allows you to forget all stress of life by freshening your energy every day. In Avcılar Park where only 275 families live, all houses are situated to garden and sea view.

A social facility of 1500 square meters, outdoor and indoor swimming pools and spa centers are right under the houses to enjoy holiday pleasure all the year round. Thanks to the advantageous location at a distance of 1 km from highway, of 1,5 km from water bus port, of 9 km from Atatürk Airport, transport is not a problem at all. There are 50 stores and a supermarket of 1500 square meters as well as 275 flats in Avcılar Park.




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